The tools used to verify the accuracy of the images


They are different in the messages they convey on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram pages, but many images are circulated every day.

If a photo is shared and liked a lot on social media, it does not mean that the photo is authentic. Rather, the photos shared intentionally or unintentionally may be Photoshopped; Or, images that have been used in the past but are now being distributed in a new form will also be taken from other places.

But before you share a picture with others, it is important to verify the authenticity of the photo. There are tools to help you do this. Let us show you the easiest of these and the ones that help you to check or clear fake images on your mobile phone or computer.

The first one is called “ reverse image”. This is now classified as one of the easiest tools that have a wide range of users. If you have any doubt about the photo you have seen that is widely shared on social media, you can log in at the above address You can find out the correct one by using This helps mainly because Google keeps track of when the photo was used and the address from multiple images.

Another is “TinEye Reverse image search”. This is similar to Google’s reverse image feature, but it identifies the photo you have entered on the site from among 60 billion images.

Photoforensics, which is called photoforensics, puts a difference if a photo is manipulated by different tools (Photoshop). This is done by saving the suspected image on your phone and then logging in to the following address. You do “Upload”; If the photograph is touched up, the whole image will have a distorted color; When it is accurate, it maintains a consistent color and can easily be polished.

All the information spread on social media is not true, so it can be dangerous because the photos you share with the intention of reaching others may not be accurate. Before you share, you can easily distinguish the fake from the real one with the help of the above tools.


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