It was said that “Orcam My Eye”, a modern reading glass for the blind, does not provide 25 percent service.

Ethiopian first lady giving blind guiding eye glass

It is said that 25 percent of reading glasses for the blind do not serve

The users of the eye glasses said that the service provided by the modern reading glasses called “Orcam My Eye” which was brought into the country through the office of the First Lady is less than 25 percent.

It is said that the modern reading glasses called “Orcam My Eye” can “read various texts including books correctly and provide information by distinguishing money notes and colors, what is in front of it and recording who has come, but in practice, it is felt that the service provided is below expectations.”

The people who gave information to Fact Check Zone said that they are not using the “Orcam My Eye” device at the moment and the reason for this is that they “cannot read books as much as they want and the time it takes to stay charged once is less.”

According to sources who asked not to be named and who have used modern reading glasses, “Orcam My Eye” does a good job of identifying silver notes, but not as well as other services, as expected.

This modern reading device, which was donated to the blind by the First Lady Znash Tayah, has been given to 2 thousand 150 students and government employees free of charge.

The blind students who say that what was being said in terms of the services provided by various media at that time is different in practice, said that “when calculated as a percentage, less than 25 percent of the services are provided”.

The Orcam My Ai that works on a charge will not be used for more than 2 hours at least; In addition to this, he explained to Fact Checker Zone that he reads texts from the middle, sometimes from the end, and from the beginning.

He said that the only thing that works correctly is to identify the silver note, but the one that is supposed to identify the color and record the identity of a person is wrong. They added that they are not using it now.

The reading glasses, which were brought to Ethiopia with financial support from donors, are equipped with artificial intelligence and can accept voice commands. In addition, he was told that it will change the lives of blind people by reducing the need for human assistance.


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