Explainer: Where did the video showing two young men being killed by soldiers created?


Recently, a moving video was shared on social media showing two young men being killed in the forest by soldiers wearing military uniforms, and it was seen by many people condemning the act.

The video, which has been circulating widely since Monday, has been observed giving various hypotheses. While it was stated that the semi-arid was formed in the Amhara region this year, others were raising the places that they thought it might be.

The act was done in the month of January 2014. And it was found out that the work is in Benshangul Gumz Planting Zone, Dbati District.

Since the mobile image was recently released on social media, tools to verify its authenticity are not available in the search. According to Fact finder Zone, the two youths were killed in Gipo forest because they were wanted by the security forces.

In this video, one of the individuals wearing protective clothing is wearing a badge with the logo of the Sidama region. After separating the image from the video, Fact Checker Zone verified that the action was correct.

The Peace and Security Office of Sidama region issued a statement on the matter and said that “the information circulating on social media about the moving picture and the individuals wearing the region’s identification is fake and intentionally fabricated to defame them.”

Fact Checker Zone has checked the picture. “Photophoresis”, one of the methods used to verify images that have been tampered with, has been verified by Sidama’s statement.

We have confirmed that the picture was taken in Benshangul Gumz and that the individuals wearing military uniforms seen in the moving video have the emblem of Sidaman region.

In 2014 Information indicates that special forces have moved from Amhara, Sidamana and Gambella to the area in order to calm down the conflict in the planting zone of Benshangul Gumz region.


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